Welcome, my name is Jordan McGilvray. I am a computer geek, productivity geek, and accountant all in one.


I grew up around computers and technology. I was an active BBSer from the age of 8 to 13, when we moved out of Sacramento, and there were no more local BBSes for me to call. Mostly I played TradeWars 2002, and a few other door games. I built my first computer, a 386, when I was about 13. I had helped my dad build his computers, and I took his leftovers and put it together without telling anyone. I have since taken programming classes in C++, Intel Assembly, and Visual Basic. I have self-taught myself C#, HTML, and CSS. My operating system of choice is Linux. Currently I use the Arch Linux distribution. I hold a general class Ham Radio License.

Pens, Paper, & Productivity

When I was 19 I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During this two-year period I was away from computers. I gained my appreciation for pens paper and productivity during this time.

I have used the Franklin Covey system, Getting Things Done, and a few others. Currently I use The Middle Way Method, which I created as a way to bring the strengths of Top-Down and Bottom-Up planning together.


I started studying Bookkeeping in 2007. I desired to find a specialty. As I studied I felt that I had some talent, and in 2011 I finished a Masters of Science in Accountancy.

Since completing my master’s degree, I am pursuing my interest in information technology, and working towards a career where information technology and accounting skills meet.